Class 8 Vehicle Cab Support Permanent Mold Assembly

At Industrial Pattern & Mfg., we specialize in precision CNC Permanent Mold fabrication. We combine over 60 years of industry experience with the most current manufacturing technology to serve our customers. For the project described here, we received the part data from the customer and used it to completely design and build permanent molds for the truck industry. Two molds were designed, with each mold producing one left and one right hand bracket. One mold is for the front brackets and the other produces the back brackets. The brackets are used as truck cab supports in Class 8 vehicles.

The molds were designed in-house and manufactured out of cast iron using our CNC machinery. These molds were designed to be used on the customer’s Hall Tilt Device. After machining, molds were assembled before shipping to the customer. They were 24” x 24” x 32” and 1,500 lbs. after assembly. For more information about this project or any of our fabrication capabilities, please see the table below or contact Industrial Pattern directly.

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Permanent Mold Assembly Project Highlights

Product NamePermanent Mold Assembly
Product DescriptionThis permanent mold is used for a truck cab support brackets for class 8 vehicles.
Capabilities Applied/Processes
Mold Design & Build
CNC Machining
Mold Assembly
Overall Part DimensionsLength: 32”
Width: 24”
Height: 24”
Weight1,500 lbs.
Material UsedCast Iron
Mold TypePermanent (for a Hall tilt device)
Industry for UseTruck
Delivery/Turnaround Time12 weeks
Delivery LocationUSA
Standards MetCustomer supplied CAD data

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