Cope and Drag Patterns for the Construction Industry

Expert at meeting the diverse needs of the sand casting industry, Industrial Pattern & Mfg. fabricated these cope and drag patterns with flask frames for a customer in the construction industry. Working closely with the customer, our engineers designed patterns that would allow efficient creation of the sand molds needed for casting steel components.

Both the cope and drag patterns were precision CNC machined from urethane plank, which would not shrink and is reliable for holding dimensional tolerances. The flask frames for these 48” x 24” x 18” patterns were machined from wood, and we assembled both patterns with the precision and accuracy required by the customer specification.

Within an 8 week start-to-finish turnaround, our craftsmen were able to successfully manufacture these cope and drag patterns and provide our customer with a superior quality product that would provide a long service life for their operations.

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Cope and Drag Pattern Project Highlights

Product NameCope and Drag Patterns
Product DescriptionThese Cope and Drag Patterns are used in a sand mold application for casting steel components.
Capabilities Applied/Processes
CNC Machining
Hand Assembly
Overall Part DimensionsLength: 48"
Width: 24"
Height: 18"
Weight600 lbs.
Material UsedWood
Urethane Plank
Material FinishHand Finished
Mold TypeCope and Drag patterns with Flask Frames to create sand molds
Industry for UseConstruction
Delivery/Turnaround Time8 weeks
Delivery LocationUSA
Standards MetCustomer supplied drawing

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